MiEGSI (Integrated Master in Engineering and Management of Information Systems) aims to educate professionals in the area of engineering and management of information systems. Their main professional acts involve a combination of knowledge and competences from Information Technology (IT), organization and management.

Engineering and Management Information Systems (EMIS) professionals act in any organization, regardless its size or economic sector:

It is expected that MiEGSI graduates exhibit:


MiEGSI learning outcomes are related to the professional acts of Engineering and Management of Information Systems (EGSI) professionals. They should include proficiency in the use of Information Technology (IT) to achieve benefits for organizations. They should also cover specific competencies for those professional acts, namely those recommended by AIS – Association for Information Systems:

Besides, still in alignment with AIS recommendations, MiEGSI graduates should have competences for:


With the publish of the transition plans, the study plans of the Integrated Master were revoked, that means  the plan below it's only for history proposes